Platform Subsystems and Components for Small Satellites

The range of our space qualified small satellite platform hardware covers CubeSat structures, solar arrays, onboard computers (OBC), electric power systems (EPS) and battery packs, but also subsystems and components for microsatellites, such as ADCS and GPS as well as UHF transceivers and cameras.

Chemical and Electric Propulsion Systems for Small Satellites

We provide space qualified propulsion systems for station keeping and deorbit manoeuvers of small satellites with a launch mass of up to 150 kg. Our propulsion sytems comprise conventional cold gas systems, but also electrothermal and electric propulsion systems based on Hall-effect or Ion thrusters.

Versatile and Modular Launch Adapters for Small Satellites

We offer different types of space qualified and ITAR/EAR-free launch adapters for small satellites with a launch mass of up to 50 kg. Depending on the launch service provider's requirements, the hold-down and release mechanism of the systems can be actuated both pyrotechnically and electro-mechanically.