Engineering Services

Based on our many aerospace technology development references, we can offer to our customers optimised CAD- and FEM-based engineering services coupled with numerical simulation methods. Our various innovative manufacturing services cover high precision metallic and composites manufacturing as well as state-of-the-art methods such as Additive Manufacturing (AM).

Space Qualification

For our customers, we provide a broad range of space qualification services, including all types of environmental testing procedures, e.g. vibration, shock, thermal-vacuum, but also zero-g flight testing. Having extensively tested our own systems under microgravity conditions during hundreds of parabolas, we can support you to realise your own successful parabolic flight campaign.

Launch Services

Through our partnership with different launch service providers, we can offer to our commercial and governmental customers highly attractive launch opportunities for satellites with a LEO mass of up to 500 kg, including all types of pico-, nano- and micro-satellites. Our services cover the complete arrangement of the launch including support for management and logistics.